like mother, like daughter

The female equivalent of like father, like son. EZEKIEL xvi. 44 (AV) Every one..shall use this proverb against thee, saying, As is the mother, so is her daughter.

a 1325 Cursor Mundi (EETS) 1. 18857 O suilk [such] a moder, wel slik [such] a child.

1474 CAXTON Game of Chess II. ii. For suche moder suche doughter comunely.

1644 R. WILLIAMS Bloody Tenent of Persecution xcix. Is not this as the Prophet speaks, Like mother, like daughter?

1861 C. READE Cloister & Hearth II. xvii. ‘Mother, you were so hot against her.’.. ‘Ay... Like mother like daughter: cowardice it is our bane.’

1992 A. LAMBERT Rather English Marriage (1993) xi. 188 ‘Darling, you are hopeless! Why are you always so broke?’ (Like mother, like daughter, she thought to herself.)

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